4 Delicious Ways to Add Eaton Hemp to Your Meals

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By Ellen DeFrancesco, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Long Beach-Oceanside-Rockville Centre, NY October 16, 2019

For a long time, I've been a vegetarian and recently my family and I took the plunge and went vegan. No meat, no animals, no animal products, no dairy, nothing that comes from an animal. I never thought going from vegetarian to vegan would be a big deal but it's been more time consuming than I thought. Why? Because now we read the labels of everything we buy. We have to check each ingredient listed to make sure we can eat it. You know what I learned? There's a ton of chemicals, pesticides, food coloring and sugar in our food. Once you start reading food labels, it's pretty hard to find healthy snacks for your family, vegan or not. This is why we were so excited when Eaton Hemp sent us a few samples of their Super Seeds to try. They're USDA certified organic, Non-GMO verified, certified gluten-free, Kosher, I can pronounce all the ingredients on the label and DING DING DING!...they're VEGAN! 

Eaton Hemp is based right here in New York and created on the first farm licensed to grow hemp in our state in over 80 years. Hemp seeds do not contain any CBD or THC - that's a different thing altogether. Hemp seeds are a complete protein (all 9 essential amino acids) and are considered the most nutritionally dense food on the planet. ON THE PLANET. 

Vegan or not, like most of you I'm constantly looking for snacks for my kids' lunches and snacks for them to grab right after school.  And let's be honest here moms...we're not just struggling for healthy snacks for our family, we're trying to keep ourselves fed and happy too. I'm so busy from sunup to sundown I need to grab a little snack when I just don't have time to eat or I need a little pick-me-up between meals. My husband works in Manhattan and if he buys lunch in the city it costs at least $25 and that's usually the cheapest. To keep costs down he takes lunch to work most days. The best part of Eaton Hemp's Super Seeds is that I was able to add them to all the meals I made the day I received the samples. Want to see?

This is my hubby's sandwich wrap: Spinach, avocados, buffalo chickpea salad and Eaton Hemp's Pink Himalayan Salt Super Seeds.

This is the same lunch prepared two different ways for me and my hubby. The first lunch is mine: Broccoli/cashew stir fry over arugula with sticks of kohlrabi and Eaton Hemp's Pink Himalayan Salt Super Seeds. My hubby had the same broccoli/cashew stir fry over rice with Eaton Hemp's Pink Himalayan Salt Super Seeds.

Mama needed an afternoon snack so I made one of my "whatever" smoothie drinks. Pretty much includes whatever I have in the house: Frozen mixed fruit, blueberries, apple, kale from my garden, lemon, celery and Eaton Hemp's Pink Himalayan Salt Super Seeds. It was super yummy - even my 12 year old loves it (that's why I made such a big batch).

Eaton's Hemp is available for purchase on their website, Fairway and Whole Foods.

They sell Super Seeds and Super Squares - both make an amazing healthy snack for you and your kids.

Click HERE to use code "Macaronikid" to save 20% OFF when ordering from their website. 

They can be found locally at Fairway Market in Westbury and at Whole Foods in Jericho, Manhasset, Commack and Lake Grove.

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Eaton Hemp provided me with a few samples of their product in order to facilitate this review and compensation; however, all opinions expressed are my own.