A Successful Curious George Birthday Celebration-Thank You Families!

Curiosity Day Story Time Event Held on The Lawn at Legends Outlets in Kansas City Kansas

By Melissa Basgall, Publisher Macaroni Kid Kansas City Kansas - Leavenworth October 15, 2019

This past Tuesday we had an absolute blast with so many of you at our Curiosity Day Story Time - A Curious George Birthday Celebration at Legends Outlets. Curiosity Day is an annual event held in September, in honor of Curious George’s birthday! Thousands of children, parents, grandparents and caregivers have celebrated a love of reading and learning through these events over the years. 

On the day of our event, the temps were higher than expected for a September morning, but we sure appreciate all of you braving the heat and sun to hang out with us and celebrate Curious George! 

Families came prepared for a Curious George party, wearing their banana gear, and even bringing their Curious George plushies from home! It was so cute seeing everyone get into the theme.

Macaroni Kid provided party hats, coloring books, crayons and bananas for all the kids, and swag bags with stickers, tattoos, and a big yellow hat for the first 25 that had registered for the event! It was adorable seeing all your little ones with their party hats on, eating bananas and reading Curious George books!

The original Curious George book was read to our rambunctious crowd of littles for storytime, and did you know it was originally published over 75 years ago? Curious George is a fun-filled story about one precocious little monkey with and endless sense of curiosity and a boundless love for discovery. Kind of like the kiddos running all over the place during story time! Luckily, we had some great activities planned so families could embrace curiosity and discovery after we finished reading our book!

Slumberfort Party Rentals was on The Lawn with four adorable Curious George themed tents, set up with puzzles and books for families to enjoy. The little ones had a blast checking out each tent, and sharing books with friends and caregivers. Slumberfort Party Rentals can create custom themes for any party or sleepover, and we had a blast with the setup they provided for our Curious George bash!

Purpose Play was on site with one of our favorite messy play activities, their Birthday Party Sensory Table! It didn’t take long for the kids to gravitate toward this fun activity, where scooping and mixing confetti rice to make birthday cupcakes was the name of the game. Sure, rice was everywhere, but that’s the goal! Purpose Play provides messy fun that you don’t have to clean up!

Books-A-Million was on site with a whole collection of Curious George books and merchandise. There are over 100 Curious George stories available to read! Books-A-Million had more big yellow hats to hand out, had Kids Bargain books buy 2 get the 3rd free, and were even signing families up for their Educators Discount Program (20% off all purchases). If you are a homeschool family or you’re an educator, you can still sign up for this program any time!

A great time was had by over 115 attendees, and by all our participating businesses. Thanks to all that attended, and we sure hope you’ll attend another Macaroni Kid hosted event soon. Stay “Curious”, everyone!

This Curious George event was sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. For Curious George books, check out the complete list on